Mystique from X-men Model

Can someone pls make Mystique from x men ?? any model of her … movie like or cartoon like … :slight_smile:

Just for all of you, heres some pics:

I can see this being made out of a model hack of wonderwoman and kitana, basicly wonderwoman with kitanas torso, skinned accordingly, with the loin cloth of…sub-zero.
kitana or sonya for the torso, either way, big tits.

I support, well for the white costume version.

i support for ANY version :stuck_out_tongue:

Best your gonna get I guess.

aaah i’m starting to hate the old samus model …

Well, you can definetly get a better model by skinning almost anything but that.
Excella would do fine if you’d want the Romjin-Stamos version, but then you’d need to remove her nipples and vagina.

Hell No.

We should have a pack both the movie and cartoon.

Okay then have nothing instead. It’s that or generic citizen skin number 415265135135

That would be nice if there was anyone to do it period.

Oh you fool, i just said at the top someone could hack Wonderwoman and kitana together, with sub-zeros loin cloth, skin accordingly, and you can get mystique.

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If someone was willing to do that, i would skin it myself.

I asked for a simple Magneto reskin of Superman but nobody would do it, what makes you think someone would do all of that work? I’m more than happy to have someone prove me wrong but let’s face it, people would much rather do other things instead of X-Men characters that would require a lot of body hacking. You’re asking for too much is what I’m saying.

2 bad i don’t know how to make models and etc … :frowning:

Ehhhh, you know that in the XNALara web, there it´s a Mystique model, right?

Magneto skin for superman eh?

Lemme check it out.

Oh and im that other guy so yeah.

I’m confused. By check it out do you mean that you’re gonna do it or think that it’s already done?

Which do you think.