Mythic Comics #1

Here’s a brand new series that will (hopefully) be released more often than The Adventures of Hercule Cubbage, which I take ages to complete. I’m hoping to release #2 either next week or 2 weeks from now and keep a nice schedule between releases until at least #4. Hope you enjoy!

If you’re looking for the two comics by FZE that are referenced, here you go:

Let me know what you think and make sure to check Metrocop for further updates!

Wow… 12 hours man!

As said on metrocop, great comic! I can’t wait to see the other parts of it!

I love you too, Facepunch.

Ghosts are jerks, out of all the undead they’re pretty much the worst. Probably due to the lack of a physical body, that must be frustrating.

Nice stuff, i look forward to seeing more!

Neato, wish it didn’t end there though, it left with a hook.

Glad you like it! Already got 4 pages done for #2, hoping to have it done soon. That said, not sure if there’s enough interest around these parts, but it’ll be out anyway!

Well people at least rated it winner, i suppose that means they read and liked it.

I really don’t understand why nobody who rated commented though, a comment is much nicer and more informative than a rating.

I’m happy with the ratings, mind you - better to get some good reviews than none at all - or worse, bad ones! Replies are what keeps a thread afloat though, and while I’m sure every other thread deserves the attention, I’m sure there’s also something to say about my little comic.

I hope I’ll see the second part soon 'cuz I enjoyed this one.
Keep up the good work, Mythos! ^^

Here’s the cover for #2, coming soon:

I don’t think it’s worth posting on Facepunch though, because the interest clearly isn’t there. I’m sure you can guess where to find it if you’re interested.