Haven’t really done a pose in awhile, like a year. Got bored one day, installed gmod real quick and came up with this little number. Hope you enjoy.



Sure is yellow

This is very good.

Thank ya sir. And yeah i went with a fall color scheme and a Film esque look.

Terrorists, win.

CT “F***”

“All right lets load up!”

the posing on the walking t is pretty wobbly; he looks drunk. the way the colour overlay is applied to the letterbox too is a bit odd

i really like the rest though

Hes standing there not walking… but yeah the tint is basis of an aperture pass.

thank thanks

That’s a very cool style.

Why is it snowing?
15 guests viewing…

What map is this? Just wondering.

Someone really likes radiohead
And I really like the picture

Not your best, David9227.

Edit: I wanted to look smart and aware, but didn’t see you mentionned that previous username…

Ill be coming out with a new one tonight. The beginning of a mini series comic here exclusively one facepunch. Check it out.

EDIT: The map is Militia

I can’t wait to see the look on their faces, when the next round starts and they try to buy new weapons.

The posing is pretty bad.

damn… impressive

You have a very unique editing style.

The posing could use a lot of work and what’s with the glow around the terrorists? Other than that, it’s pretty awesome.