"N n now th that don't kill me, Can only..."- Kanye West is performing in the club.

plz turn on this video :slight_smile:


this edit is pretty sux. but well… :slight_smile:

wow good photoshop lol

Kanye is a douche, but he does make decent hip-hop. Better than the rest of the asshats, anyways. Good picture, btw.

Nice pic, but i hate rap, also why are his eyes glowing?

Noctilucence Shutter Shade


I like hip-hop, deal with it :3:


I prefer Daft Punk’s original song. The image however is very nice.

cough FAGGOT!

Kanye is one of the worst rappers. His stuff sounds good, only because of his instrumentals, which are no more than decent, really. Your opinion sounds… not-so well-informed.

Cool picture however.

No he sucks at it.
Blondie did a better job rapping than he does hip hop
On topic it’s a cool edit and nice laser light show

Meh, I don’t like it that much anyway.