"N-no Sam! Don't Do This!"

“Give it to me NOW!”


Original: http://filesmelt.com/dl/gm_nomercy_roof0001.jpg

Yes I used AA
Used Photoshop CS5

looks like he’s just copping a feel.

could use a little bit of work on the posing and the angle.

Well it’s kinda hard to pose the hands to make it look like he’d grab his shirt and to make him look like he’s about to push him off.

lol he’s grabbing his tits

Yes he’ll make great love with him to only get the information on where his daughter is :slight_smile: Such a great father isn’t he?

“oh dimitri let old sammy be the splinter in your cell”


“Now where is she!?”

fuck, now up the ass? you’re begging for rainbows, boy.

I totally am.

“oh sammy i dunno where she is, you have to go deeper.”

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On his knees

A+ for using my models :cool:


Sam- “Where…is…she!”
Frank- “S-sam…how could you?”

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In the end Frank gets his old Sammy back.


Triple-A thread.

And Fronk Woost tackle.

Good lord.