N- Stepping needs to be fixed yesterday.

It is kinda a big deal when your not safe in a house with a metal door because someone can shoot you, kill you, and steal your shit all while your door is closed.

Why can’t you just make it so they actually disconnect? If this problem has been the cause of duping and grief for so long shouldn’t this be a high priority? It would be nice to see DES and some others actually have to use skill.

Lag-switching needs fixed yes. So does the use of cheat engine.

We’re working on n-stepping right now

these things, they take time.

just be patient, devs have like a bazillion things to do at once.



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ShadoWalker without the exploit of the N-stepping you will not stand a chance in the game how is yourself and the rest of [DES] Supposed to play :O.

You shouldn’t even be commenting on it you’re the biggest exploiter of the N-stepping…

heres the vid for proof :slight_smile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8cLedMXdmM&feature=youtu.be

Yes because I need help aiming.

Dont have any rust vids to post Shadow? oh thats right you get owned in every fight your clan engages in without Nub-Stepping.

DES has now n-stepped into my base twice in the last 2 hours taking everything I’ve worked for and its getting to the point where i might just give up until they fix the n-step

Nah im testing right now not worried about showing off skill at this point.

Shouldn’t be too hard to fix should it? Just kick everyone who disconnects like they do when lagstepping. Don’t allow them to move around when they disconnect. Lagstepping was an issue 10 years ago

Exactly, this issue isn’t something that should be complicated.

Why is lag switching called n-stepping? Where did that term come from and what does it stand for?

ping > 500 = disconnecting

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N-stepping was created by the WoW kids who came up and played WarZ. They didnt realize a lag switch had been around for 10+ years and decided they found it.

Wouldn’t that cause everyone on the server to disconnect every time there’s any server lag at all?
and also cause everyone to disconnect when they have any lag themselves?
and also prevent people with bad connections with a highly variable ping to play at all?

Can you 3d print out the RUST character model?

I don’t see how that’s relevant to this conversation, or why you can’t just google it. My point was that it’s not really a solution to the problem if it only solves the problem when everything is going exactly as it should.

And this fact here has enormous relevance.

The rampant use of lag-switching and the cheat engine, yes, needs to be made a priority to fix.

“Someone using a bug and reporting it? What an asshole!”

That’s like saying I shouldn’t report a bug giving me infinite wealth just because I use it during an alpha period.