N*V Serious Roleplay|WIRE|WIP|Recruiting|Help Needed

Recently NV (NightVision) has started a Serious Roleplay server we are looking for Good Admins, and Scripters.
We are working on setting up a FastDL system the server has custom jobs,shipments and maybe custom weapons in the future.

The server is running rp_downtown_v4c. (We are currently editing the map to make it better.)

If you are looking for admin or would like to help with the server please contact me:
Steam: Bigalbroski
Skype: Bigalbroski2

(Skype is recommended.)

You are running DarkDM on Downtown. Not serious.

I Dont know what DarkDm, the server runs darkrp.

You’re running DarkRP on a edited downtown with wire and serious in the title. Not serious.

“You’ve failed!”

Awesome… Yet another DarkDM server that claims to be serious…


hey you dumb cunt RoFLWaFFLEZZ, this is serious darkrp i play here all the time as CP and arrest people and use atleast 1 /me every time. before you start judging dark rp servers you should uninstall garrys mod you fucking faggot.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Swebonny))

This sums it up perfectly.


Why you don’t creat your own map for your server. Becouse Its not nice to edit someone else map and use for your server even if he gave you permission to edit it . The point is its much better if your server have hes own map.

I hope you were being sarcastic. And if you weren’t, you doing one /me before you arrest people doesn’t mean everyone else does it too. And even if they did, there would still be lots of death in any darkdm server. Hence making darkdm not serious anyway.