<(N.Y.C Warzone)>[PvP|RevolversRespawn|FreeBase|Airdrops|Supply - Friendly Server?

If you are looking for an awesome server steer clear on this one. When I first got on it was fun, admins were friendly and we combated a few of them and didn’t have issues. A few days go by and we have a home far off, i’m talking on the edge of the map and its completely metal. I have about 8 friends that play this server and it’s sad because that was half the active population. Now we are all leaving, for what reason?

Admin abuse. We hit a wood house and took some ammo and leather from it. The best thing we got was one (1) MP5. Now, we hit a wood shack on our way back, took the long way home. No one was following us. Three (3) minutes later we hear tons of C4 going off, not a big deal. Someone found us right? Wrong. Wrong. and wrong. I got killed through a wall which was the first thing that tipped me off. I hadn’t had it happen before. Next thing I know it happens to be the people from the wood house we attacked. I thought wow, this is odd no ones knows where we live. They came completely prepared. Set up everything outside our base. Had beds, they brought tons of weapons/armor and we are so far from civilization and haven’t had anyone to our house before. We had a few encounters with other people but nothing near our house.

So I go back, trying to defend my house… keep in mind the game has no air drops unless 20 people are online which is next to never. We get very few airdrops at night. We actually got several of them. Anyways, they keep blowing off tons of C4 in our house. More than you can count on your fingers… then I get shot through a metal wall for a second time. But no this is all just a coincidence right? No freaking way. I have played on normal servers for hours and never had issues like this, ever.

If you are looking for a friendly server steer clear. Admins abuse power and refuse to admit. They tell us we are full of it and that we weren’t killed through walls. Then they say that they didn’t know we hit their base 3 minutes before. Think about it.

WE asked them how they knew where we were and didn’t respond in chat… odd.

Needless to say, they will likely get on here and tell me I lie. They will try to convince you that they didn’t do anything wrong. Trust me, I have lost everything on this server before but not this way.

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