[n00b] How to make maps download/addons download from dedicated server.


I have just recently got a dedicates server up and running. Using the vanilla maps and no addons it’s perfectly fine. I followed the instructions from the wiki and put a map in a folder on an http host and confired that if I type in the url of the map file it will initiate the download. I put the folder URL into sv_downloadurl (so the link to the map would be **www.example.com/gmod/gm_drivingmap_mk1-7.bsp **and the link in sv_downloadurl would be **www.example.com/gmod/ ) and now bold is stuck and and I can’t turn it off. **Anway, even when my server.cfg shows this:

 //If you want use fast download, please remove slash.
"sv_downloadurl"            "http://jealouseyeswondering.freeiz.com/gmod/"  

It won’t let anyone play unless they have said map. What am I doing wrong?

It also said “just put addons in the /addons folder” which I did do. ULX admin mod worked but now things like the Stacker Tool won’t… do I need to put them on the internet too?

Thanks for reading.

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Okay, now it says “Lua cache couldn’t be downloaded. Server is misconfigured”… google doesn’t seem to be much help.


Removed FastDL and now the addon downloads, but I’m trapped on maps that are defaults because otherwise it’ll take forever to download them.

Try to ask in Help and Support. You will most likely recieve a response there.

You need to make a new directory called “garrysmod” You have used “gmod” and this will not work.


It has to mirror your garrysmod folder exactly. So, you need to change the directory “gmod” into “garrysmod”

So: http://jealouseyeswondering.freeiz.com/garrysmod/

You need to move that map into a folder called maps so it will be here: http://jealouseyeswondering.freeiz.com/garrysmod/maps

The addons download will not work, go inside the addon you want and put all those folders into “garrysmod”

For example:


Just a tip, go get evolve