NA East |NoCraft C4|Kit/Supply Signal|SLP|PVP|No Durability

When you start in server you do receive a Supply Signal, You also get a P250 and 33 9mm ammo (3 full clips)

RUST server: NA East |NoCraft C4|Kit/Supply Signal|SLP|PVP|No Durability

To join, open your console in the rust menu by pressing ‘F1’ and typing or pasting in: net.connect

Server Information:
-Wiped 3/3/14

  • DDOS Protection
    -99% uptime according to
    -Top of the line Hardwre ( NO Lag )
    -About 15 active players right now…

Active Admins

  • Admins: P+Eminence - P+Intrepid
  • They Both Play and DO NOT ABUSE

Server Features:
-C4 is uncraftable

  • No Durability
    -Economy (Buy and Sell items)
  • Home Teleport ( Set two homes to Teleport too.)
    -Ticket System ( Used to get a hold of an admin.)
    -Remove Tool (To remove items)
    -1/4th Crafting Time
    -Air Drops (Set at 20 People)
    Wiped 3/3
    -Mature and active admins
    -Zero admin abuse
    -Custom Loot Tables (Find Explosive charges and Supply Drops in animals and boxes)
    Auto Kit (Start off with P250, Ammo, Supply Signal, 250 Wood,Hatchet, Campfire and food.)
    Displays who killed who and how…
    Plus More
    All Welcome

Server Rules:
-No hacking/cheating or using exploits of any kind. You will be caught
-No Griefing
-No Spamming Chat
-No Screaming in voice chat (Lags Server)

We restart Server every night at 12 am eastern and we do notify all players in game 5 minutes and then again at 1 minute to prepare you for reboot.

Economy was removed. Someone found a way to abuse the mod and give themselves billions of dollars, so until the mod is fixed. It is removed.

Join and vote today freshspawns get supply drop, nd u get another when u vote

server got ruined dont join!