NA-East Sleepers|PVP|New|Jan. 3 Welcome 100 spots available!

US East Coast (New York) Brand New Server

Hi everyone!

We just started our server and welcome all newbies and veterans alike.
We are a fair bunch who are playing RUST just as you are, we collect our resources as you do.
We enjoy RUST and want to provide a great experience for anyone else.

Airdrops are currently off, only due to the amount of people so as the server picks up airdrops will come.
Wipes will come after game patches.
Raiding is allowed, and encouraged! Even on us Admins.
Hackers/Cheaters will be caught and steam banned.

Few rules, we want you to play how you want to.

  1. No racism
  2. No cheating/hacking***

All issues will be handled appropriately and if you have a problem ingame feel free to let the Admins know.
Current Admins are:

How to Connect:
Open the RUST console with F1
Paste: net.connect


I’ve been on this one for a couple of days. Haven’t seen any cheaters yet. Needs more players though :).

Good stable server, low pop so it is a good place to learn and grow, having a lot of fun on it.

Thebruins99: I don’t know if I will find it feasible to play on this server if it gets wiped every 1-2 weeks or even every month. Is there a reason for the wipes or just to give fresh players a chance?