[NA][LOW PING][24/7][RustJunkies]Wipes|PVP|Vanillia/wMods |Sleeper

Welcome to Rust Junkies!

Last Wipe: May 15, 2014 ** (No wipes for a while, possible starter kits soon :wink: **
** Auth failed: Steam auth denied user – If you’re getting this error you’re having problems with steam
Please note if you’re having OTHER problems connecting to the server contact me here**

Hey guys, thanks for showing interest in the server! Please visit and join our Steam Group, this isn’t required to join the server but very much appreciated. The purpose of this Group is to further allow the Admin(s) of the server to communicate with the players ensuring for the best possible experience. Please note that yes the server has mods but nothing game breaking i.e. mods such as PM or Admin tools to help fix griefing or even our /report command.

As you can see, I put a lot of time in order to ensure that the players are informed when it comes to my server. I also put as much time on the group steam page, here. I try to tend to everyone’s needs in order to keep a healthy relationship between myself and you, the player. Thank you for your time and I hope to see you out there!

How do I connect?
#1 Start Rust
#2 Hit F1 [If console doesn’t open, run the game in Windowed Mode]
#3 Copy and paste the following net.connect
#4 Hit enter and it should connect.

Irreversible griefing / Griefing / Camping - bannable
Raiding yes - Camping no, Learn the difference
Hacking - bannable *
Admin abuse - bannable *
Exploiting the game - bannable
Impersonating/Changing name to an Admin - bannable *
Refrain from Racism
Sexual harassment - bannable
Keep in-game chat in English - Use PM if you have to
Do not use colorchat/colorname
Changing your name to Server Console - bannable
**Rules marked with * are bannable no questions asked **

Current Server Config
PVP: Enabled
Sleepers: On
Airdrop at: 15 Players (Min)
Durability: 70% less than default
Day length: Default
Night length: Default
**The server config has been decided by the players.
To be part of the change join the steam group and vote!
Please submit your ideas on our Discussions page. **

Anything missing? Let me know!
Hope to see you on soon :slight_smile:

The following apply to the steam group:
Overview: You’ll find the server details, general information as well as rules for the server here.

Events: Events that will take place in the Server will be placed under the events tab, be sure to check there frequently to see what we have planned for you!

Announcements: You’ll find polls that will help direct the server in the direction that the community wants it.

We hope you guys enjoy your time on our server and can’t wait to hear from you guys soon. Join us up on the group chat also if you require further assistance.


Just joined server and set up my first base. Very kind admin and players on the servers. Get your ideal base location now, while you still can!

Bump :] I’m glad you’re enjoying your time on the server Armenier.

Bump :dance: Server starts filling up at this time:). Come and join for fun!

Awesome server and community. Very low ping as well :slight_smile:

Hey Champ! I’m glad the ping is perfect for you! Bump :]

:tinfoil: Bump!



:] Horray for the weekend. Come on down

Bump! Server has a good amount of people on atm

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Server updated & Backed up. Good to go again!


Bump! come play!!!



10 Hours Bump!


Hit an all time high today :slight_smile: Bump

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All time high now! 2 records in one day whaaaaaat? Come on down :]