[NA] UpUntilDawn Server [Sleep/PvP/200 Slots] Come join the fun :)

Hows it going guys,we are a new server that’s looking for all you to join us on our server. We are looking to have fun on the server and do new things. We are trying to get this server up and running with everyone’s help to spread the word about us and grow so that everyone can enjoy being on this server and always have something to do. We like listening to what you recommend that could make the server better and more fun.

How to connect: Hit f1 then in console type net.connect
We look forward to seeing all of you on the server!
Started on 12/17/13
Server Location:US East

Admins: Machete_Mike ,NickF08, UnFound
No Cheating - results in a permban
No Flaming / when you get raided
No Rasism
No Duping - results in a permban
Please follow these rules so the server runs smoothly with no problems :slight_smile:

*No admin abuse is tolerated(spawning items etc…)
*Friendly Admins
*24/7 Dedicated
*We do not do random wipes

Any issues or questions add my skype: glenn1er1 or get in game and ask

Common guys feel free to join we are friendly :slight_smile:

Server is slowly getting more people, the more people we get it makes it more fun!