Nahka's Nude Jill Valentine BETA

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!! Jill is completed. eyes and hand are now working.


UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!! Jill is… Did I say that already???

Four skin groups (blond without pubes, brunette, without pubes, blond with pubes and brunette with pubes), body grouped gear (body group 1: 0 = nude, 1 = gear with gun, 2 = gear without gun) and full eye-, face- and finger posing.

All hail Nahka for the model and figuring out the hand problem.
All hail Bloocobalt for the eye fix and additional body groups.
They are now gods, so bow to them you faithless swine.

Credit to Fedge for Jill’s face.

Goes to addons.


Now go forth and pose.

Holy shit.

Great job.

Second picture made me laugh, just look at her face.

dat nose

your distorted view of how a female should look saddens me deeply.

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then again you’ve probably never seen a real woman naked so i don’t blame you

Sorry I like perky tits and applebottoms.

Oh I have. And I find it amusing that a 15 year old kid is trying to lecture me on this:smug:
Now get out of my thread you troll.


Thanks Fedge, Nahka, Rast. \o

hey, i’m not the one getting off to some creepy models in a computer game.

but i guess whatever tickles your pickle

As always, good work :smiley:

Haa yes very nice!

Ho yeah another new nude body, great!

Muahaha powned! :golfclap:

Yay! You are the win :slight_smile: I think I’m going to make a Jill Sandwich.

For a moment there I thought in the second pic she had a garter-belt on.
Then I saw it was here weapon/utility belt.

Still a good model though.
Nice work.

Its finally finished!

Holy shit

So I guess you get off on trolling people? Is your life that boring and miserable?

Giggled at “whatever tickles your pickle”, silly term and now Imma start usin it.

Looks like something someone would put into a nude fallout mod.

Ye got a lotta seams going on there.

Amazing coincidence. Also says so in the op.

Body model is the DIMONIZED type3 body from Fallout: New Vegas, and the exact model is called Cali.

Ye still got some major seams goin on there

despite public belief, most women are attractive

Eh, “most” might be too strong a term. Body looks weirdly shaped/proportioned in the picture(s).