"Nail 'em!" - Vietnam


Not the greatest but i thought it was worthy of uploadedness

I like the idea, but the blood looks too fake for me.

Try bluring the blood a little, or even less blood and more smoke? Not bad though

I like it. Posing’s pretty good. The upper left area seems a bit bare, though. Trying not to beat a dead horse here, but the blood does need work.

<nitpicking> Try moving the camera closer to the chopper next time. It’ll look more like the pilot’s view while narrowing your overall view of the field, which is good since you can then pack that area with more NVA and asplosions and stuff.

Well, if I’m going to nitpick, the pilot isn’t an actual pilot, but rather just a G.I. I think theres a Vietnam-era pilot in the Kuma War pack or something.

That aside, its alright. The posing is decent, the smoke is pretty good, but the blood and the grass look odd. The blood should probably be blurred more, and the grass should cover the ground more. Also, the angle could be better. Zooming in to show just the bottom half of the helicopter and the gun wouldn’t be too bad. Well, thats just my opinion anyway. A few more trees would look better too.

Overall, not bad.

i see what you’re trying to do with the blood and smoke effects, and i like it, but right now everything looks flat and cartoony. make the blood darker and maybe less saturated and shade the dust.

Like how smoke looks, but needs more work. Other than good job.

“anyone who runs, is a VC, anyone who stays still is a very TRAINED VC.”