Nailed shut and Golddiggers (TF2 poses)

Hi all :slight_smile:

Two new pictures from me.

Hope you like them

Nailed shut:


First one’s very James Bond.

Wrong type of blood and the spy looks like hes enjoying it… That must be one odd spy then.

And that must be the weridest piece of gold i’ve ever seen…

Why Is The Spy Smiling? Like the second one though

The spy is like:“Oh yes please saw trough my balls”
Nah just kidding
The second one is cool the other one is strange.

Kind of looks like the spy is enjoying it.


Sawblade fetish **



The second is kinda cool and original.

Wow. Never would have imagined the Spy is a hardcore bondage. :v:

I liked them. :smug:

Spy’s faceposing ruins it, the rest is good.

Lol Engie’s such a sadist, good pictures cept for spy