--[Naked and Afraid] -- (PVP/Sleep)

Our server name is Naked and Afraid | Oxide, Share, 1/2 Craft, TPA and more!" 100 slots
To connect to the server, press F1 and type net.connect

Here is a list of all the features we currently have on our server with more to come!

Supply Drops only drop when population is at or above 20 players to prevent players hoarding a lot of gear

1/2 Crafting


Chat History
type /history

Crafting/Research Control
Blocked C4 from being crafted and researched

Door share
Allows you to share and unshare you doors with a friend!
type /share namehere and /unshare namehere

Kicks people with “weird” names which is what most hackers come in the servers with

Customized loot spawn list

TPA (Teleporting)
We think this feature is great and a LOT of people like this. It allows you to teleport to a friend instead of having to waste so much time suiciding and running around looking for your friend! You are allowed 2 per server restart (every 8 hours) but will be changed to 1 if this starts to cause issues.

Nudity ON!

Economy introduces money in Rust
Starting money is $1000 and is given to players when they join. Players earn money by killing zombies $100, bears $200, wolves $120, Killing other players gives you 25% of their money.
type/money : shows your current balance
type/money “name” send amount : sends amount to name
type/money top : shows the players with the highest balance
type/price “item” : list all prices or displays the price of a specific item (item optional)
type/buy “item” amount : buy and item (optional amount to buy more than 1 item)
type/sell “item” amount to sell an item (amount optional) for money
Only items that can be bought from the shop can be sold to the shop.
Prices are ballanced as to not break RUST game play!

Remover Tool will remove any structure that is attached to a building you own
type /remove in the chatbox, to enable or disable for player, then shoot a structure with any weapon the removed item, it will be put back into your inventory!
This only works on buildings you OWN!

Come join us and have some fun! Play RUST the way it was ment to be played Naked and Afraid!

This is the best server I have ever visited in my entire RUST life.


This is one hell of a server! Great players, both fair and competitive. Amazingly helpful and friendly admins. Great server features as well. Recommend this server to anyone and everyone.

Thank You



That Battle We had Was Great