Naked AND Rusty.The Insta-Crafting, Air-dropping, Gladiator Arena Battling, Hell of a good time.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, looking to start fresh on a brand new server? Looking to make new friends, or just maybe you’re tired admins ruining servers with abuse?

    Events are being held constantly, by me personally. In just one day we've spike to 50% capacity and have had non-stop activity. Air-drops will be dropped fairly and as frequently as the admins see fit.

    One of the events that has been held is the Naked Gladiator, Equipped with only Bow, Arrow and Bandage, you and the other participants are placed in a small square building where you are not allowed to leave the first floor. Last man standing wins a prize, such prizes have been a Full Kevlar Set or a Fully Customized Gun. Special matches can be played, for example the admin throws grenades into the pit.

     This is just the tip of the iceberg, we are just getting started. Let's have some fun together!

    Our server IP is **** See you guys there!