Naked Cavemen

Will the Naked player models be removed any time soon? It is really uncomfortable to play with them and also drops the player base down to only 18+

but it’s fun ! :slight_smile:

Only an 12 year old would say that. I hate it.

I’am 20, Well, are you shame about the human body ? I don’t see why this is unconfortable… If his dick would be in erect, there it would be uncomfortable…

Let’s be honest it’s the Internet don’t act like you ain’t seen a penis or two, plus it would be better if only 18+ played, would remove annoying VoIP squeakers :stuck_out_tongue:

That just makes me want to play it more.

I agree, thoose voices break my ears… Each time !

Sadly, age restrictions aren’t always enforced.

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And about the cavemen, maybe you could add a “SFW” option where they had a loincloth or something.

You say that like it’s a bad thing

You’re not supposed to be playing at work.

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The best you can do right now is mature faster so that dicks stop being uncomfortable to you.

Some people have families or friends over and it would be awkward having someone in your room watching you play while naked men run around the place with hatchets and items hidden in their ass.

then don’t play or don’t let them watch you play, simple.

Or, there could be an option added that somehow hides the dick.
I don’t need the option because I have no problems with a dick, but other people shouldn’t have to stop playing or throw someone out of their room.

I’m still a bit fuzzy on why full male nudity was included in the first place.

i like squeeky voipers, makes natural selection easier

the way i see it

parents dropping 80 bucks on something will ask to see what it is

phalluses get shown, no more 12 year old playing

it doesnt matter to me but i can see how other people might find it awkward if their parents or whatever walk past their computer screen

lawl yes very true

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Lol well they have to put it somewhere

I, for one, enjoy my virtual dick simulator.

as I’ve said elsewhere

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there’s no reason to spawn naked from any gameplay point of view, and it’s rather hard to suspend disbelief when there’s people running around naked pulling out advanced militaristic weaponry from the folds of their foreskin.