the titel,

can someone make one???

…most random request I’ve seen in awhile.

I feel weird even answering this question, but why not just…take a nude model and use a headcrab? It’s close enough.

No. No no NO.
Make it your damn self.

This is odd, very odd and…wrong.

I only see one use of it that is for sexposes, but involves sexposes before hand,

LoI ZOMBIE Sex Pose Time!

Just use naked alyx, penis by Jaanus, zombies and headcrabs from HL2.

Penis for a female zombie?


No, for male zombies.

…? I am leaving

This post can’t be real…

How can you difference between a female and male zombie? O_o

ehhh, boobys?


and if it’s naked.


Um, I’m just gonna say what the fuck?

Eww, her melons milk will be rotten…

hey why the hell are you all talking about zombies???
what NICKPSP12NL requested is a “ZOMIE” :smiley:

This is beyond odd…
Why would you even request this?

What the hell?

Maybe he wants to enjoy the sight of a females chest while the female mauls his brains out?

It’s probably not gonna evan have a whole breast…
This is idiotic.
Let’s just let the thread die… Or a mod can just delete it.
I prefer the latter.

EEEWW, rotting pussy. (Mingebag speek) l00k I make zombie sechspose!11111