Naked guys WTF?

Ok so far i only see people runing naked with d*cks in open :confused:

Can we get at least some short underwear with default not just naked!

And people alrady started to make it fun of it and there is kids playing this game to. WTF? Realy Facepunch?

EDIT: Valve removed screenshots!

Well this is hilarious.

Thank-you based garry.

I haven’t played this since the open alpha, is this in vanilla rust?

You have something against dicks ?

The Devs put nudity in for a reason. And if you or the little kids don’t like it, don’t get butthurt over it.

There are tutorials on how to disable nudity on Steam guides.

do the dicks make you feel bad?

This must be the 20th time I’ve seen this thread topic pop up again.

Imo dongers should be standard disabled for little cry babies like this. And just give us a option to enable them. Nowadays we live in a world where nudity is a big taboo.

In console (F1) afaik:
censor.nudity true

But what problem do you have with nude characters?

Well they shouldn’t be playing the game because it isn’t a kids game.

Garry doesn’t seem to like catering to kids, they’ll have to deal and grow up or learn to disable them.

i like dicks :zoid:

btw. contact his parents and not garry or one of the devs…

I totally agree but people will continue to cry no matter what. Also disabling dongers (huehue) would make this game available for more people and so increasing the population. Dont get me wrong i love the dongers (nohomo huehue).

Well we can’t control internet! Im just giving my personal opinion about this! I hope they will do somthing about it! At least its should be disabled by default and if people wants to see d*cks in game they can turn it on by console!

The parents should control what their kids do on the internet.
That’s not the job of Garry or your government.

(I have 6 childs… I know it’s hard to control kids on the internet, but you can manage it with some tools like openDNS for example…)

Im not saying just for kids some people dont like to see dudes naked with d*cks runing around!

They won’t do anything about it, they gave the option to disable it and that’s all they’ll probably do.

Then people should read the description of what they are buying before purchasing the game.

Yeah right like people ever care to read somthing before buying or read long TOS list before clicking agree to it!

Well then that’s their fault, they get what they pay for.

i do. maybe you should to someday.