naked mass effect characters

Okay so let me start out by saying that im new to facepunch so if im on the wrong page or something please tell me…
I’m looking for any ragdoll mass effect characters that are naked mostly krogans, salarians, turians, other aliens. I would appreciate it if someone got me a naked Wrex and a naked Eve…

-First one to show me to or make a naked Wrex/Eve is the best and i will give a big thank you too!!! :smiley:

at least you were smart enough to ask for naked characters and not, “nude ladies”

thank you sir

Oddly enough, there is a nude krogan model in the ME1 files. It’s untextured, though, so presumably it is a leftover from when the romantic paths were SIGNIFICANTLY more variable.

Suprising what you can find when you take a look into the hidden files… I dont think it would take a lot for someone to port the file and texture it after the port. Thanks for the info!!!

Would be interesting to see, its a shame BioWare didnt actually attempt to work on female models. I’m pretty sure Eve is a generic krogan with a mask over her face… if anything the model used for Grunt would’ve worked as female. Oh and theres that naked yahg in ME3.

Still thefuflixfish, facepunch doesnt like naked models :stuck_out_tongue: you’re better off asking at

-First: It’s true they should have made twice the romance options they do now.
-Second: I’m no ME superfan but I know for a fact that female shamans where headdresses like eves and have smoother and more softer skin.
-Third: Thanks for the link.

I’m just saying it about the hump on the back. I know female krogans are meant to have a smaller one roughly about the same size as grunts… and since grunt is a unique model it would’ve been better to make him female. There are some krogans in multiplayer that have his body though but with the default krogan face too, even those could’ve been female.

ME3 had shit loads of female krogans with head dresses on too, surely they cant all be shaman.