Naked models?

I don’t want to be a pervert…ah fuck it!!

Is there any umm…“sexual” models of the team fortress 2 guys?

Cause if there is, I want a piece of that!!


The… Guys…?


Incoming rainbows.

Yes…the guys…like Spy and Engineer and…aww fuck that sucks

There are actually nude models of them around here somewhere, believe it or not, but I’m definitely not going to look for them.


also taste the rainbow bro

derp automerge broken

Cause nothing says awesome like spyxengineer…naked…in bed.


I believe you’re looking for either :razz:, :fuckyou:, or


Also what is wrong with you?

Maybe he’s…gay?

I don’t see whats the problem, there is a lot of naked models of Zoey and Alyx, and no one seems to make a big deal about it.

Why is it bad, when someone wants to see the Team Fortress 2 characters naked?

Well after a look at your deviant art, I can safely tell you to go make your own. It’s just simply reskinning.

Hmm…I guess your right, better go learn about blender and shit.

Great, you gave him ideas.

What can possibly go wrong? :fuckyou:



aww yeah


Oh yeah by the way,

dicks ahead