Naked Snake Camouflage Skins

Original Models made by Dr. Cloud.

I’ve been working on these skins for a while, and was planning on releasing them as a pack, but I wanted to get some feedback on here first. I’m also taking requests for any other camo skins if you want me to add them to the pack. There are the ones I have so far (click the links for images.) Most of them are taken from MGS3.


I also made a tiger stripe skin, but it was the first one I did, and I just copied and pasted a pattern over the texture instead of making it myself. It turned out pretty bad, but ChestyMcGee made a much better one that you can see here.

Wow, pretty nice.
The head looks superb but the rest of the body doesn’t look so good.

See if you can get a better body model. :smiley:

Looks great. You should do an olive drab version.

Looks good.
But I always did hate that body.

where did you get your camo from?

I made all the patterns in Photoshop. Here’s a tutorial if you’re interested:

Umm, chesty did a copy/paste job on that as well.

When I tried it, the pattern ended up looking blurry and stretched out, like this:

I guess I just picked a bad image to paste on it.

Resize the texture, god damn what is it, 512x512? always go with 2048x2048 :bang:

That’s what I meant; the texture got blurry when I resized it.

Don’t resize the camo texture image, just paste it multiple times and line it all up.

Like so:

Apologies for the large picture.

I am aware this skin isn’t perfect, it was the first version and I only made it for a single pose.

I do this for my russian camouflage as well, only the vehicles I do custom patterns for.

They don’t really look good. I believe you just overlaid the base texture.

I squee with glee.

Hope you won’t mind to rip also the other stuff from the game. Lulz with TF2 surely will ensure.

What? He didn’t rip anything?

Like I said in the original post, the models were made by Dr. Cloud; I didn’t rip anything. He headhacked Snake from Brawl onto the DoD:S playermodels and added an eyepatch.

That body is nothing like the Stabo harness Snake wears. The whole body should be redone.

Read the post dates.