Naked Snake Circa 1943

I know that Big Boss wasn’t in World War 2 but I just like the Idea. Enjoy guys.

Yeah, he wasn’t been in it.

I don’t see a picture

Yeah, for some reason the damn thing is taking a while to load. It’s happening to me too.

I see what you edited there.

Oh there it is. Quite good.

Thanks alot man.

np, the posing is spot-on

:open_mouth: This is great.

I want that model :smiley:

Here it is:

I reskined mine, didn’t like the 101st airborne uniform.

Thanks. Yeah, yours does look much better.


I think it would be cool to have something like olive drab though, like in the beginning of MGS3

damn… and it it’s coincidental that i’ve been playing MGS all day.

I dig, I tried that but I liked the way this outfit I came out. Black feels more sneaky.

Posing is great and that reskin is pretty decent. I think the falling snow is quite ugly though and the picture could do with some more depth-of-field but, other than that, nice work.

I’m in the process of creating a small pack of camouflages for this model. I’m nearly done with a tiger stripe camo, like this:

Perhaps you’d like to help out with the pack?

He didn’t have an eyepatch before MGS3

Holy fuck, someone needs to hex that pack right away.

I would but i am tired.

Must be Big Boss’ father.

Big boss was alive(And about 20ish) In 1943