Naked Women? Anyone?

So I’ve been watching people play this on twitch, and I’ve noticed its a complete sausage fest! Naked dudes everywhere! Maybe add women? Lol


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are you trying to pick up girls using rust lol

no, lol

eeh, i-i would be Interested in naked womans.

Now you too can violently wank out your frustration while being butchered with a hatchet.

The name of the game is Rust, not Lust.

If there ever are naked women added, I hope that they’re well-bushed and husky and not in any way nubile fake-lesbian pornstar types. On the other hand, if sexy pornstar types were added along with third-person camera, it’d make killing people a lot easier, because you’d have a lot more AFKs fapping to their own naked female model.

So if the majority of the playerbase was female, adding males would be lust? Just because there is a female, doesn’t automatically make it sexual.

BOOM headshot!

No but it gives trolls, more le-way to fuck iwht people over voice, and just all out ruins the game with immature, 16 year olds.

Pls do it, make it hairy as fuck. Give it small Canadian boobs as well. Don’t forget armpit hair, I still bet there will be afk’s fapping

Sure, maybe it does cause trolls. But that’s no different from any game with male/female characters/character customization or gender choice

Go read for a little while and come back.

70’s bush please.

Should i click that?

Definitely not.

I would snip that

Yes if you want to see 3D tits and a bush from a game.

what part of canada are you from lol