Name changing = grief = poop

This feature is the best way to offer a tons of opportunity for troll …

Exemple… a guy named “Boloss” disconect in the “gogole” house , he change name top take the name of a friend of “gogole” , and the job is done .

second exemple …

You can take the name of anyone for say tons of stupidity, insult and more …
You can take the name of anyone for enter in house and stole everything …
You can change your name in a raid for take the adventage ( if you take the name of an raider crew )

for all that reason… this feature need to be modified .

that’s the point of it.

Most of things you said here is what Garry and the Rust team are hoping for. Why? Because IRL, you can lie about your name, and cause tons of mayhem. And I’m pretty sure the buildings in game don’t check your name to see if you are the owner of it, they most likely check some sort of player id number. So even if someone did change their name to your name, they couldn’t enter your house through your door… just like how IRL, even if someone says they are you, doesn’t mean they can magically open your front door… they need a key to do that. And I’m pretty sure people would get suspicious of the player when they weren’t acting like themselves, and would automatically assume that they must be a fake since they already have previous knowledge of how you can impersonate other people in Rust.

wow… THE derick feature … need to add the poop management system, irl i shit everyday you know ?

This feature can be good, but actually the ratio : pleasure/problem is not really positive .

They probably are gonna add a shit feature, I mean they haven’t said anything about it but it would only make sense if they did.

Anyway sorry for the strong negative response I gave, the devs have said they are debating if they’ll actually use the feature or not. But as for me, I would be very surprised if they took it away.

You mention “IRL” but, when ‘IRL’ do you get chicken from Deer, Wolf, ETC. Just saying. The game is not based on real life. Yes its survival and you have to keep it relative to surviving in real life, but you are not going to be able to get every aspect in a Unity Browser game like Rust. Now im also not saying i dont agree with name changing, i agree with what you said about, people getting suspicious, its happened to our group. Bottom line is it should be their but some how there needs to be a balance.

I don’t even play this game, and it already seems like an extremely awful feature. It shouldn’t go the “Steam” way where you change your name to anything.

If you want it to be a “feature”, then make it to an in-game item of the such to disguise yourself for a short amount of time to be able to support the dev’s “betrayal” idea. This seems like it will cause much more harm than good.

It’s not gonna stay that way, I’m pretty sure they’re gonna add more meat types later, so that’s a bad comparison to use. I know they have a limit on how close to reality they can get it to, but I think they would like to make it as realistic as possible, and this is a simple feature that could bring it a bit closer.
Also I’m not sure how much more they can balance other they putting a time limit on how often you change it, and maybe a change limit (like if you can only change your name so many times a day). And possibly a name change fail if they player you are changing your name to is already signed in… hm. Actually that would already bring in a new host of issues.

In real life you could if everybody looked the same

If they are going to do this there should at least be some character customization or even just hair or something. Like really limited though, so the game still keeps it’s atmosphere.

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cough TF2 Disguise Kit cough

Know this is a game, but in real life you don’t change name, you change appearance… so this name changing is so stupid…

are you a real person?