Name Check

When a player who nick name is not English join the ser , other player crash.
So i want to write a script tocheck their name when their first spawn.
What should i put in ‘if’ ?

function Namecheck( ply )
      name = ply:Nick
	  if !( name =  ) then
	  ply:Kick("Please use English name!")
hook.Add( "PlayerInitialSpawn", "namecheck", Namecheck )

(User was banned for this post ("'fix my code', undescriptive thread title" - Gran PC))

What nickname exactly is crashing the server?
Can you link a profile?

Chinese name

When Chinese name player chose to T , other T member crash. ( Running TTT)

This looks like TTT problem, I believe it must be fixed instead of making workarounds.

I think is lua problem. I have seen many articles about using utf-8 in first letter crash the server.

update : � , :hotsprings: also crash the ser.

Would be nice if you’d close the function.