Name Ideas For a Server Name "Will Pay"

Ok so i am making a jailbreak server and i was stuck on a name. if anyone can help me think of a name and design a logo for me i will happy pay them £5 - £10 depending on how good the ark work is!

if you wish to make a name or logo please send me an email on

Hahaahaa. Best name though.

No joke, I think that people would look at the hilarity of the name “Butt Josh”, think it’s super silly, expect the server to be silly as a result, and join out of appreciation.

Hahahaha thx man thats awesome + servers/gaming

‘Generic DarkRP server with P2W elements’

Did you even read the post? He’s making a jailbreak server.

Dick Bott Gaming

Duck’s Dirty Dozen?

Behold! The Cyhbong Collective!

Somehow got this

Enhanced gaming
Simplex gaming
Euphoria jailreak
Plato gaming
Tetra jailbreak
Hytera gaming
Adelante gaming
Metis gaming
Albrech jailbreak
Infrared gaming
SuperNova gamers
Hekaton gaming
Open City Jailbreak
Gage gaming
Mercy jailbreak
Selex gaming
Vertex jailbreak
Tetrapol gaming
Acars jailbreak
Zetron gamers
Mobitex gamers
Solace gaming
Bloom jailbreak
Aeroflex gaming
Gamers of Jailbreak
Radiant gaming
Halogen jailbreak
Glaxo jailbreak
Turbostar jailbreak
Athena gaming
Scintilla gaming
Project Jailbreak
Icom gaming
Grecom jailbreak
Uniden gamers
Akadia jailbreak
Whistler gaming
Translucent gaming
Rhea jailbreak
Memphis gaming
Code Red 1 gaming
Regeneration gaming
Embedded gaming
Alinco jailbreak
Leixen gamers
Astra jailbreak
Yanton gaming
TimeSlice gaming
Hope gaming
Teva gaming
Juniper gaming
Innavaro jailbreak
Sanofi gaming
Covance gaming
Ipsen gaming
Epsilon gamers
Pharmasol gaming
Persephone gaming
Hyperion jailbreak
Flomax gaming
Hydrological gamers
Membrane gaming
Manifold gaming
Actavis gaming
Sanofi gaming
Convar gamers
BeSpak jailbreak
Additva gaming
Utopia jailbreak
Argo gaming
Takeda gaming
Pharmaq Gaming
Omega Force Jailbreak
Argonaut gaming
Codan gaming
Desiro gaming
Atapi gaming
Artifact gamers
Brocade gaming
Intek gaming
Kydera gamers

Hope this helps

Fragmented Butt Whole


these are all pretty terrible names

Lost my shit here

whats wrong with it?

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Could you explain why thye are terrible? And maybe provide some examples yourself if you are good at this? I put some time in effort into finding names and people just start getting upset but isntead like someone who made a parody picture and name?

They’re all just very generic. I can’t really help you with finding names that aren’t, though, considering my servers are literally called “Zeaga’s Servers”.

Fair enough

You were being serious with those names?