Name of old map?

It was an RP (Roleplaying) map that took place at night. There was a city with buildings surrounding it and in the heart of the city was this large prison facility. Unfortunately, that’s the only possible description I can remember it by. The map was named downtown something. It wasn’t rp_downtown, but it was named something town. Does anyone remember the name of the map or what I’m talking about?


I helped develop townsend with jamzzster and there was no prison facility in it. Must be another map.

Nope, it was another map. It was extremely cool too. Ir was a map that had a city with surrounding buildings and stores in a surrounding fashion. With a prison in the dead center of the city. There was also a jeep/vehicle shop in one of the side stores surrounding the prison. Here’s a picture of the basic outline of the map’s layout from a bird’s eye view. Note: This is not how the map looks but just the overall outline of its structure. Green signifies the prison, the red signifies the surrounding stores and the streets are those lines:


Got the dll link?

I was thinking rp_oviscity.

Not it, oviscity is a day map. The one I was one was a night map and strictly had buildings surrounding the prison which was at the dead center. There wasn’t all these complex roads, it was just a straight clean square gridlock of streets with a prison in the middle.

I think you are right, there actually was an rp_downtown before the one that’s played now. I still have like 2 versions of it… I think. I’m pretty sure it’s exactly what you’re saying.

would you mind uploading it for me? i adored playing on that map. :slight_smile:

Sure, after I find out which of these maps is the old and new downtown.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


did you find it?

I hope this is it.

WOOOOOOW THAT’S EXACTLY IT! By the way do you got any res. files for it too? Some of the skins are purple and black checkered, lol.

No res files, but I looked at these on a clean gmod folder so I had no extra textures.

you got anymore old RP maps from gmod9?