Name Requests

Hello everyone, I am trying to figure out a name for my server. It is a new coming City RP server that I’ve always dreamed to make, but I just can’t figure out a good name for it. There’s always that one name that just clicks. It needs to be (something)RP, it would also be great if the server was tags could fit like [ ]. Not too big. A little background on the server would be like we are professional, simple, and a class act. We are a class act, if you know what I mean. If not look up why Derek Jeter has so much respect. #Re2pect! Please any name would help. It’ll click the minute I see it!

Is it an DarkRP Edit?

No it’s the legit CityRP gamemode. Been coding for a long time now.

Post some content to give us a better idea


but seriously, like Exho said, post some content and we can try to provide names that arent shit

Alright so CityRP is pretty much a City Roleplay, Cops, Firemen, citizens, custom RP. We are a professional server, we have strict rules. They’res not much to say about the gamemode. I personally would just like to hear any names that you think would fit. Please define content if you don’t get what i’m saying.

GenericRP ?

Hmm I came up with possibly VictusRP/Victus Gaming for more servers not just based on RP. Please keep suggestions flowing.

From my experience, having “Gaming” or “Craft” in a community name just sounds like some poorly made server by kids with money unless it’s original. That’s just me, though.

IPickedARandomWordFromTheThesaurusRP [donate for admin] [m9k] [50+ scriptfodder scripts] [Edited DarkRP] [no lag] [FastDL] [aids] [custom] [yoloswag] [super srs RP!] [no fun allowed]

Yes but it’s a legit roleplaying server, and it’s not edited DarkRP. I vouch for that. It’s the legit fully modified applejack and cider. We did a lot to it like Fearless did. Plus the tags would be (name)RP|CityRP|Semi-Serious|2vd or RP

You sir, have made my day.

Lumpy RP
Repulsive RP
Lopsided RP
Makeshift RP
Acceptable RP

First 5 random adjectives. :v:

I came up with a list from words I found interesting. maybe you all can help me narrow it down?

Repulsive Gaming all the way

Name your server something weird like “|’;22.-±a;e;;’~10-()22” and ensure it is long. You’ll catch people’s eye as they are browsing for new servers and perhaps get curious people to join.

Pulse Roleplay is definitely the best and most original on that list :v:




fatfurry RP

Originality Gaming

Clone Gaming

Moar RP

Redundant Gaming

I can keep going if you want, but I’ll start taxing you for each idea after the fifth, these names are gold for startup RP servers in this day and age.