Name tag fix for darkrp

On my server we are having trouble with the name plates above people’s heads. The problem is that you can see them from all over the map, like through walls and stuff. We have searched everywhere for a solution and even on the wiki but can’t find how to fix it.

Please help it is a problem that we wish to be fixed and would greatly appreciate the help.

Thank you!

You’ve probably got a wrong version of the DarkRP, What version ARE you using? Did you get it from FacePunch, or some other website that nobody knows of? Have you editied the script?

Hey, I’ve got the same problem to. I’ve downloaded this from the author’s github page. So It’s probably a common problem. I’ll post up any solutions.

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Usually a fresh install of darkrp will fix problems. Just make sure to backup all your important files. Mainly gamemode/config.lua , addentities.lua and shared.lua

In the console, type ‘version’ to find out your current version of garrysmod.

Thanks guys I figured it out finally haha. Again thank you for your responses.

Great. Was it replacing Darkrp? Because I haven’t fixed the issue yet lol.