Names above players' heads

So, I just installed the Sany Alliance HUD created by King Lex, and the names have disappeared above players’ heads on my server.
Is there any way to fix this? I would also like it to show the health above their heads too.

Also, how to I set rank tags for players?
Examples: [Admin] Fluffy Ninja, [Superadmin] Fluffy Ninja, [Moderator] Fluffy Ninja

This includes the OOC, Advert, and regular chat for DarkRP

local hideHUDElements = {
	-- if you DarkRP_HUD this to true, ALL of DarkRP's HUD will be disabled. That is the health bar and stuff,
	-- but also the agenda, the voice chat icons, lockdown text, player arrested text and the names above players' heads
	**["DarkRP_HUD"] = false,**

	-- DarkRP_EntityDisplay is the text that is drawn above a player when you look at them.
	-- This also draws the information on doors and vehicles
	["DarkRP_EntityDisplay"] = false,

	-- DarkRP_ZombieInfo draws information about zombies for admins who use /showzombie.
	["DarkRP_ZombieInfo"] = false,

	-- This is the one you're most likely to replace first
	-- DarkRP_LocalPlayerHUD is the default HUD you see on the bottom left of the screen
	-- It shows your health, job, salary and wallet
	["DarkRP_LocalPlayerHUD"] = true,

	-- Drawing the DarkRP agenda
	["DarkRP_Agenda"] = false

Change [“DarkRP_HUD”] = false, to [“DarkRP_HUD”] = true,

For tags , it depends what you use as rank system ( like Ulx , … )

It didn’t work…
And I use Ulx

Change [“DarkRP_HUD”] = true, to [“DarkRP_HUD”] = false, then change [“DarkRP_EntityDisplay”] = false, to [“DarkRP_EntityDisplay”] = true,

For ULX , you need use a addons like playertitle II (URL : )