Names for Ranking System

Okay finally back after a year and a half. I would like some feedback :slight_smile:

For my server I have Ranks…
I would like for you guys to help me come up with some rank names. If you have some time :slight_smile:
(CK, Scrub, New, Casual, Regular, Traning, etc.)

I think it would be appealing for the community to come up with names so other people can get a kick out of them.
I’m trying to go for something a little funny but anything will help!

Thanks in Advance!!!

Why is this in the developer discussion? It has nothing to do with coding.

Well, kinda does…
Config.Ranks = {
{“CK”, Color(255, 255, 255)},
{“New”, Color(166, 166, 166)},
{“Scrub”, Color(255, 255, 98)},
{“Training”, Color(101, 67, 33)},
{“Casual”, Color(250, 218, 221)},
{“Regular”, Color(80, 80, 80)},
{“Average”, Color(0, 8, 8)},
{“Above Average”, Color(96, 16, 176)},
{“Experienced”, Color(206, 255, 157)},
{“Talented”, Color(128, 128, 128)},

EDIT: Also it has to do with “Development”…and its a Discussion…
Not really looking for coding help, just a Discussion about Development.

Nope, not at all, adding values to a table does not constitute as coding despite what every darkRP dev may think. It has nothing to do with the development of Gmod, which is what this section is for, not for coming up with new names for ranks on your server. You are right to say it’s a discussion but that’s why we have a general discussion section where you can discuss general things relating to gmod, like peoples inputs on names for new ranks on your server.


Wow, you’re ignorant, I never said you didn’t know how to code whether you can or not it still doesn’t change the original topic of this thread.

You didn’t come here looking how to make a rank system or were stuck so you posted for assistance. Instead you came here asking for names of ranks, the very definition of a shitpost. You even admitted yourself that this thread has nothing to do with coding. I don’t understand why you are getting so butt hurt about this. Just pack it up and move your thread to the propper section. If you want to keep it here go for it but you are most likely not going to get any help here.

Tables != coding? Really now… Jeez maybe I need to learn some coding then xD.
Ahhhhh fresh and toxic like I remember :goodjob:

EDIT: Obviously making a Table without calling the table somewhere is kinda ridiculous you think? So I mean its quite obvious I will have to do SOME development with this. So its TECHNICALLY in the right thread.

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for RankID, _ in pairs( Config.Ranks ) do
Config.Ranks[ RankID ][3] = math.floor( 2.31 * math.pow( RankID, 2.65 ) )
if RankID == 36 then
Config.Ranks[ RankID ][3] = 30790
Development enough?

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Maybe this?
function Client:ShowRanks( nRank, nPoints )
local PlayerRank = Config.Ranks[ nRank ]

print( "I should really learn to " .. nPoints .. " DEVELOP" )
MsgC( PlayerRank[2], PlayerRank[1] .. "

" )

print( "Or maybe I should drink bleach instead..." )
for RankID, Data in pairs( Config.Ranks ) do
	if RankID < 1 then continue end
	MsgC( Data[2], "#" .. RankID .. ": " .. Data[1] .. " - " .. Data[3] .. "

" )

Message:Print( Config.Prefix.Command, "HUDRankPoints", { nPoints } )
Message:Print( Config.Prefix.Command, "HUDRankPrint" )


Totally agree.

Here is some code that might help you cut down on ridiculousness

local uniquenumber = “b i g m a n c o d e s”;
local ranks =
“Garrys Modification LUA Script Developer”

__call = function()
return math.pow(math.sqrt(-1) * math.atan2(CurTime() / math.deg(math.rad(math.pi))));

10/10 -IGN