Naminé? Please?

i have a Sora, a Roxas, a Riku, a Kairi, and schoolgirl Kairi, but there are NO Naminé models.

i also have a Zexion…
thats bad when i get such a minor charcter before Naminé.

i completely forgot to post refernce pictures. sorry.

and i fail at posting pictures.

theres the URL

c’mon, i need this for a project for a friend.

What kind of a project is it?

Well, I found a model of her here.

I could convert it for someone if they would do the rigging for it.

well, i have absolutely no idea how to do that.

and its a backround/comic project, plus i need it for myself, im working on a bunch kingdom hearts stuff.

 Yeah, I could do the conversion. I need just to convert the model and textures, and then reapply the texture.(The UV map remains intact, but the conversion process unassigns all textures.)
 Also, if you just need a few poses, I could do the poses in my modeling program and make you some props of her for Garry's Mod. Otherwise you will need someone to rig the model for you, as I am just now learning how to rig.

Edit: Here is a sample prop, and the model files and textures. The prop goes in the addon folder.

yeah, sorry, but i need the ragdoll. i have a webcomic she’s going to be a charchter in. also, im making a machinma.

Ok, at least you have a model to give someone to ragdoll. Good luck.


you know any people that could help?

No, but there are people that make threads looking for models to rig every so often. I have never needed a model rigged because I just pose them in my modeling program and make props out of them, so I do not know of anyone reliable myself. Try making friends on the boards and helping people to gain respect. This is probably the best way to get help.

alright, ill try that.
but if anyone comes by this thread and can rig, please do so, then give the dwnld link

i have namine rigged up (it was a payed request)…i’ll release her for eveyone to download late next week

EDIT: IF anyone can tell me how to add pictures to forum posts i’ll show a screenshot or two?

oh well here she is (for those that think im joking)

You can use [t]image Link Here[/t ]
But without the spaces in the brackets

Be sure to get the Image url, not the web page

cheers for that!

there she is everyone!

I would say you can find a KH model pack on the workshop. I remember I saw her as a model.

they paid you to rig her? you know you can get all the models rigged from the game with noesis right?

no i paid some to rig her model into a gmod model…and whats noesis?

Can somebody post a guide on how to correctly install this ragdoll? :confused: