Nano suit model

For a project of mine, I’m in need of a custom nano-suit skin, or otherwise some sort of futuristic armour. This picture is pretty much what we want:

Pretty identical to this. I’d also need a hybrid of this, with a much darker armour and red eyes.
This is the only visual help I can get as of yet, but if needed I can grab hold of more. This is the basic style of the model, so feel free to improvise on unseen parts - unless you desperately need some more art.
They’re basic bad-ass evil bastards, so don’t hold back on the scary :wink: When you see one of these running at you, I want you to defecate yourself :slight_smile:

Whoa, were did that pic came from?
That armor looks badass.

It’s from an old community that drew this up as an example of what they’d look like in some old Rpg.
And yeah! It looks ace!

Isn’t that the Nano suit from the C&C: Tiberium game that was suppose to come out but was scrapped?
I wanted that game…
Almost as much as I want that armor

Well hopefully someone will agree to make it for us :slight_smile:

And a rainbow for joo.

And a <3 for you!
Back on topic, we really do need this skinned! :slight_smile:

OMG I <3 Megamaff, everyone back off, he’s mine! o_o

<3 ^^
Cmon, surely someone would find this an interesting project to work on! Its for something so much more :wink:
Its planned to be a playermodel (both this and the hybrid version) in an upcoming project of mine. I would have tried to learn myself, but I don’t think I’d be able to get to this standard anytime soon, especially when I’m also concentrating on other matters too :wink:
Any help at all would be a blessing :smiley:

Second dat.

Aw, when I heard nanosuit i was all like CRYSIS?

Hehe, they’ve already been done (although the animations are a bit screwed)