Nanosuit 2.0

Probably, this is a very very stupid question, but would it be possible to make the Nanosuit 2.0 into a model? Yes I know crysis 2 isn’t released yet but creatin a model that looks like it?

Here are some pictures:

Sure. It’s completely possible to model almost anything.

I’m just not sure why anyone would want to model that, especially when it’s hardly any different from the original model port uploaded in Add in the fact that no one gets paid for doing it and nobody besides you really cares, it’s highly probable that it’s a no-go.

Yea, but changing the old model would be possible too?

I don’t even see a difference between nanosuit and nanosuit 2.0


You should be happy there even is a nanosuit model released.

Visually they’re the same, it’s just the technological differences (i.e. gameplay usage) that’s different. I’d want the Nanosuit 2.0 just because it’s probably more detailed than the first.

they look like skinned gorillas

The most noticeable difference to the Nanosuit 2.0 is that the muscle mass is fucking astronomical compared to the original suit. The character is practically a 1st class body builder. There’s plenty of minor aesthetic differences, but the general look remains the same.

Just wait for Crysis 2 to release. I have no doubt it will be possible to port the models to Source. I intend to port the weapons myself.

If anything we should port the Aliens from Crysis, they look too awesome to pass by, if only we could move the effects or shaders, only source wouldn’t handle 75% of em, unless we go on ahead and bargin em with Source Engine 3.

the only differences are the buttocks and upper torso are much more increased in mass as you can tell his shoulders are freaking HUGE ! and he has a different face mask also the whole suit is more…err…stripey ? like the strands that go across him are much more separated… basically the suit is different xD

It still looks cool either way.

Mabey take the reskin-textures from the mods and mess around with those.
Or the ones from the Customizable pack, more high-res and better textures.

4096 x 2048 diffuse map in that 2nd download. I can’t even save it out as VTF in Photoshop because I lack the RAM. Fortunately I can use VTF Edit on it.


Yeah i forgot about the insanely large texture diameters.