Nanosuit guy strangling someone

Felt like doing something artistic…

C&C if you can.

Can’t do anything about the guys eyes, sorry.

I really don’t see anything. It’s too dark. t looks like they’re holding eachother.

Its almost as dark as the Alien vs. Predator movies :stuck_out_tongue:

I lold at the guy being choked!
His eyes they are empty O_O is he a robot or something?

The picture is too dark too see anything!

It’s the lighting that makes the eyes looks weird, nothing I can do.

Maybe take another map?

I don’t get how this is “artistic”.

Gotta unique style and idea going mate.

Things I’d change and work on is the idea, lighting, posing, map and editing.

Do these things and you’d have a average idea one that’s out of the common style which many take up which is called “Sucks”.

It’s too dark.