Nanosuit shape-shifter running along a building wall with a gunship on his tail

Descriptive title is descriptive. Heavily inspired by VMan’s stuff.

The mutated tissue stuff and the blade were both made from scratch. I like to create effects out of nothing.

If anyone has thread music suggestions, I’ll be glad to hear them.

C&C pleeeeease.


Wow, that’s awesome, a great mix of two brilliant games!

Lol, Protocrysis…

You were inspired by me? :buddy:

Lookin pretty awesome, I like the smoke from the gunship’s rocket (and great job drawing the blade)

You sir, are win.

Like i said, very nice.

Yes, your latest masterpiece was so awesome that I just HAD to try to do something similiar.

You guys are good :buddy:

Nice idea, good editing too.