Nanosuits encountering an alien in the jungle

It’s blurry. Deal with it. Not gonna re-make it.

You know what I’m not gonna deal with? The posing.

It’s bad? Awwww shit, not again… They looked fine in-game.

The only thing i see wrong in the posing is the arm/elbow of the shooting soldier, it looks way too high.

Editing is nice tho, and the scene build is cool.
Altho, the ricochets should have been blurred with the bug IMO.

The nanosuit in the foreground’s arm is too high up, it looks like his lower torso is facing foward, and his upper torso is twisted and it looks awkward. The one in the background has clipping, the arm on the foregrip looks awkward.

Yeah the sparks need to be blurred with the monster and that muzzleflash looks pretty cartoony. Nice recolour of the monster though and the scenebuild is decent.

Edited the muzzleflash and blurred the sparks on the alien.

It looks a lot better now.

I demand more comments.

that’s a big fucking monster

The guy in the front ruins everything

Posing is fine to me, but eh it is a little blurry. I like the foliage.

where you get that models?

The light shining through the trees was a nice touch, but i’m seeing some possible clipping on the second guy w/ the stock of his gun and his arm.

And the position of the first guys feet dont seem right, maybe his other foot should be in front