Napalm Death (l4d2 campaign) port to Gmod? (Vietnam War maps)

There’s this Campaign for L4D2 called “Napalm Death” that takes place during the Vietnam war, I liked the environments and was wondering if someone would be interested in porting some of the maps over to Gmod. Would be great for Vietnam-era military poses, etc.

Here’s some references etc.[/t]

The campaign can be downloaded here:
or on the L4D2 workshop here:

You could always try it yourself, it isn’t too hard. Just mount all the L4D stuff into your gmod folder, decompile the map, and compile it with gmod’s hammer.

I don’t know how to do that, hence why I requested it.

But eh, I guess I could check out some tutorials. Still, if anyone else wants to do it, that would be preferred.

after taking a look at a decompilied vmf and converting a few l4d2 models and after 2 hours theres still some things that need fixing if you want to do this or anyother mapping i’d try and get the orginal vmf’s so theres no errors to start with or being as the map is quite a simple layout build it from scratch

this is one vmf if you want to look at it in Hammer