Naquadah Energy System

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Naquadah Energy System

[tab]Version:[/tab] 0.6
[tab]Description:[/tab] Naquadah Energy System
[tab]WIP thread:[/tab]


This project is based on the show Stargate SG1/Atlantis.
For the moment it includes stuff like reactors, storage, a hyperdrive and hoverdrive. But it will include more in the future.


  • Support for GCombat system (for the reactors explosions)

  • Support for Life Support

  • Resources:
    [li] Naquadah Ore
    [/li] [li] Refined Naquadah
    [/li] [li] Weapons-Grade Naquadah
    [/li] [li] Naquadria

  • Mines:
    [li] A small and a large one
    [/li] [li] limited supply of Naquadah ore
    [/li] [li] Can be turned on/off
    [/li] [li] Wire outputs: Active, amount left
    [/li] [li] Wire inputs: On

  • Storage devices:
    [li] Naquadah Ore: 500 units
    [/li] [li] Refined naquadah : 100 units
    [/li] [li] Weapons grade naquadah : 100 units
    [/li] [li] Naquadria: 100 units
    [/li] [li] All: 40 units Refined, 35 Weapons-grade, 35 naquadria

  • Refineries:
    [li] Refined naquadah: 1 unit = 2 naquadah ore, 100 energy
    [/li] [li] Weapons-Grade: 1 unit = 5 naquadah ore, 300 energy
    [/li] [li] Naquadria: 1 unit = 8 naquadah ore, 550 energy, 300 coolant

  • Generators:

    • Overload option (overload = default energy + overload * default energy)
    • Overloading damages the device (the more overload, the faster it get’s damaged.
    • Explodes when health reaches 0
    • Can hold 100 units of resource
      [li] Naquadah generator: dedault energy = 200
      [/li] [li] Mark II: default energy = 450
      [/li] [li] Naquadria: Default energy = 800
  • Hyperdrive:
    [li] uses 1 naqaudria per 1000 ingame units
    [/li] [li] 30 seconds recharge time between jumps
    [/li] [li] Makes you jump back if jumped out of the world (you loose the
    [/li] naquadria!
    [li] Wire inputs: Jump, Target X, Target Y, Target Z, SetTarget
    [/li] [li] Wire Outputs: Recharge time left, naquadria left, target X,
    [/li] target Y, target Z, target set?, estimated naquadria needed

  • Hoverdrive
    [li] Not finished yet
    [/li] [li] For the moment: Hoverballs that require energy
    [/li] (depending on strength and speed)

Future Versions:
[li] Any suggestions you make (that fit in here!)
[/li] [li] Things I come up with myself
[/li][li]Make it ‘compatible’ with the new LS core (yes a new LS core).

[li] Version 0.6
[/li]    [list][li]Fixed to work with the new gmod update[/ul]
[/li][li] Version 0.5:
[/li]    [ul][li]Initial Release[/ul]

For people wanting to make stuff for this:
[li] Refined Naquadah = ReNaquadah
[/li] [li] Weapons-Grade Naquadah = WGNaquadah
[/li] [li] Naquadria = Naquadria

[li] Bro_21 for the basics of the generator and the model
[/li][li] Avon for his stargate code (for the hyperdrive)
[/li][li] Shanjaq for the resource distribution and life support
[/li][li] All other people that made stuff like this before me (Resource distribution and wire) so had enough examples :wink:

Oh cool, but it doesn’t support Life Support? :frowning:

Yes it does, I’ll add it in the first post

Come on man, not even one mention about the guy that made, textured and animated that model?

Naquadria Is uber rare. I don’t think it should be included at all. Not to mention that it is very very unstable.

Sorry, forgot to put it in (it’s in the wip thread though). Going to add you now.

Sorry :frowning:


The mines don’t produce a lot of naquadah ore, the naquadria needs the most ore, energy and also requires coolant to produce. It would take some time to produce it. (Except if the admin would put a lot of mines in)


Well an idea could be to make a seperate naquadria mine (with a very limited amount of ore). My friend Alteran came up with this. What do you guys think about it? And what would be the amount + the mine rate for it?

I’m thinking of a max of 1000 naquadria ore per mine at a rate of 1 ore per 5 seconds


New update to make it work with the latest gmod update.

In theory of the show, Naquadria was in some way related to naquadah, but it was much more powerful, much more unstable, came from other mines instead of Naquadah mines, and was very rare. We are going to tie-in this mod as a form of researchable technology to the Stargate RP mod that Snake is also creating.

Also: Lua Kinged!

In season 7 ep. 14 (Kiannas Symbiont), they found out that naquadria was generated out of naquada by a Goa’uld in a laboratory, than his little amount of naquadria nuked and broadcast a type of sub-particle-radiation that influenced with the nativ Naquada ore on the Planet and formed Naquadria.

So that’s the history of Naquadria as far as I know :wink:


So I tested it now and found some bugs:

  1. The naquadria refinery don’t work. I supported it with thousends of naquada, energy and cooliant - Nothing happens for at least 10 min, than aborted the test
  2. A lot of the informationbubbles that appears when you point an object, are nearly al to small.

I’ll look into the refinery problem and the informationbubbles is caused by something the update changed (there is a text limit now). But I already got a suggested fix from someone. I just need to test it first.
I’m also working on an update for LS and RD.

I want your babies! You have done so damn much since the update!

All I can say is you need some weapons for this. If you think about it, this resource in the show is used in that many weapons from staff weapons to the “gate buster” bomb. So I think we need some weapons to make it interesting.

I know, they are on the list. But I’m currently working on different projects and I’m focusing on bugfixes at the moment and also Stargate RP on which I’m working on.

I just read through the code and mentioned my teleportation part in it. It’s ok and you have credits added, but would you please ask me the next time (I will mostly say ok).


And to the Entities. I see, you are using the same crappy method like other coders:
[lua]function ENT:Think()
if(self.timer < CurTime()) then
– Do fuck
self.timer = CurTime()+10;

Well, why not to use the GM default - Saves one comparison (The GMod’s one and yours)
[lua]function ENT:Think()
– Do fuck
return true; – You need to return true, or self.NextThink has no effect

Because other coders used their own “NextThink” all those modes like LifeSupport got broken.

I did ask :S

And I know. I’m going to do the correct fix next time.

An update to this will be released once the new RD core is released. I’m currently updating and fixing all of the code.

Can someone help me with this ? I spawn the Mines but i am not getting any Naquadah out of it. It doesn’t say how much is left also.

Well the amount left thing is because of the restriction to the overlaytext size that has been implemented since one of the Gmod updates.

That problem will be fixed when I’m done converting this to use some of the new features in RD2.

The other problem I don’t know yet. Did you turn the mines on? (Press use on them or use wireinput).

yes i have turned them on :wink: could it be because i am using RD2 and LS2 instead of RD and LS1 ?

Normally that shouldn’t be a problem (one of the devs of the new ones :p).

Do you get any errors? It could be because these still haven’t been updated to work properly with the new update. I’ve made a quickfix, but I’m not done yet with the complete one (was rewriting most of it , mostly for RD2).

I’ll check into it once I’m done with the fixes for LS2, SB2 and CDS.

I’ll check for errors later first i’m going to watch a little bit stargate atlantis