Narnia models,the long awaited request (Yaay)

Im going through my narnia fad and i somehow have found no narnia models,So im here to request some stuff…again…

this is a kinda big request,you better be prepared if your gonna take it on Facepunch:

Peter (coat):

Peter (Armor):

Edmund has the same armor as peter.
Edmund (coat):

Susan in her coat is in edmunds picture,the tallest female.
Susan (Royal):

Lucy in her coat is in edmunds picture,the youngest female.
Lucy in her dress is an aqua of Susans.

Now for the best one in my opinion:

The pevensies with their proper royal outfits:

Mr beaver:…i cant find picture of him,but hes a beaver…easy?


Mr Tumnus:

the evil:

The White Witch:


if someone made even just one of these id be REALLY grateful…the ones im hoping for are their royal outfits.

oh,and dont come onto the thread and talk shit and be a dick,its pathetic.Just only comment it if your gonna do it,bumping and being atleast positive.

what about the other characters?

The pevensies are my main intrest right now…but ill add them in a second.


there we go

YOU better be prepared to take it on, because nothing less than sex will justify making all these models.

I dont need all of them,just either in groups or just one.


Also,Dumb? Who voted it dumb?