narrow minded comments, on great and not so great ideas.

I have now been reading alot of great posts on ths forum, seen alot of great ideas for the game, and for modding after the game realeses, but for every 1 good idea i see there is 30 stupid people who is so narrow minded in their visoin for the game that they cant see the possibilities, the only thing they can write about is those, Dinos or huge armys, where do they come from if this should “only” be a survival game, if there should be huge armys it should be the players who make them be joining a clan/guild or in another way.

i saw a post where the suggestion was to add in more animals, streams, and weather ect. great post, but some poster wouldnt have more animals, streams because it would be noisy… what the h…l are you playing the game for ? turn down volume if its so noisy.

there is a lot of posts like that being shot down before you can count to 10, and its often some of the same posters that do it.

i think the posters are just comming with great ideas for the game, try to listen to some of them, some of the could be used and some not but dont dis people for comming with ideas, give the dev. some constructive to work with instead, they dont care about the narrow minded posters, they have the abillity to alter the whole game into somthing else than they have to this point, they have even the power to close the whole thing down and do some totaly different, i think they are happy with any idea that ends up here to pick off, its their game, they choose the way, they dont have to put in dinos just because some thinks it would be awsome or based on a poll, its ideas they will chosse from if they think it could benefit the game / go the direction of their choise.