Narrow Streets of Cobble Stone - Pure Gmod - no editing

I was initially inspired by Scotland and thought that the pic looked so good even without editing.

My fog, bloom, sky settings:

If you’re wondering how I did those godrays in gmod, there’s two small fake flat lightrays from Mask’s prop that are right at the center of the screen.

I’m gonna go edit it and post it later.

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Tried to go for an early morning rain in Scotland feeling. Haven’t edited rain in a very long time.

wow holy shit, very beautiful

Pretty neat but that fisherman doesn’t really look like your average tradesman, honestly I reckon it’d look better if you just kept his original flatcap on, the kinda scifi helmet you’ve got on him now looks a bit odd considering his attire.

sry F T


This is really good.

Sci fi helmet? I honestly thought it was a hardhat lol.


Very spectacular scene build shot!

here’s some more help to capture the near mystical landscape here in scotland[/thumb]

awesome picture though

It’s a regular construction hat. I thought that the shovel would kind of give a clue that he’s a construction worker.

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I think that people forgot how to build in general. There is no soul vested in the construction of a lot of buildings so they wind up looking like that.

that metal shit around it doesn’t look modern day I dunno might just be me being nitpicky.

I meant like his clothing he looks really old timey, and plus generally construction workers have to wear clothing with high vis tape on them, or clothing with bright orange or yellow sections on them, it’s a workplace safety thing, not all do though but depends on the site, most do.

whoa, terrific work man!

You know what, you might actually be right. I think the thing on his head is not a construction worker’s hat but rather a miner’s hat. I didn’t notice what the names were of the things I was spawning so I just thought that hey that’s a construction worker’s hat.

So i searched and noticed that a construction hat does not have metal in the middle :[/t]

While a miner’s hat has a vertical metal thingy right in the middle for the flashlight:


So I might’ve actually spawned a miner’s hat.

well it could lead into a mine

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looks good minor nitpick aside.

The name of the hat that fisherman has is hardhat, as I remember from themask’s scenebuild pack. :v:

Damn, I do just pure Gmod scenes too but nothing I’ve ever made has come out looking this good.