Naruto Naiteki Kensei

If u don’t hear about this Half-life mod:
Can someone port ragdolls,pls?^^

Wow to that 'Raindrop" mod in one of the videos.
That was done in Source?
Holy Crap.

“Naruto: Naiteki Kensei is a free total-conversion of Half-Life 1

Interesting typo if it is one…this mod’s goals seem pretty cool though. As for the ragdolls, unless the team releases them theirselves, you’ll probably have to wait until the mod’s actually released.

Mod already released.


Well I have been working at it, although i am too busy at the moment. I am a complete novice, but I have decompiled the mdl file, got the .smc file, and made the .vtx file. Don’t get your hopes up, as I still need to learn how to make the rest, although I think i have the .vtm and .qc down pat. Any tips or help would be appreciated, and feel free to beat me at making them :wink: Once I get started again, I will post my progress.

They ragdolls will be really really low poly.
I mean, it’s half-life 1 man.

I am doing well so far.

Right now it is just a prop, but it seems ready to be compiled as a ragdoll, bones, weight, and all.I may just need to fix the size, collision,ragdoll, and .qc files. If I can figure it out and obtain permission, I will release the ragdolls in the release section and let you all know. This still may take awhile. If somebody can easily ragdoll them, let me know, as this will take a while for me to learn.