Naruto: Next Generation

Someone should totally make a gamemode for this and open a server for it.

Pick any name you want. it’s all the same crap

Naruto: Next Generation
Naruto: Naiteki Kensei


So you are the “ideas guy”?

I just want to see a naruto gamemode on garry’s mod.

Unless you’re going to make it yourself, nobody cares.

Please only speak for yourself. Don’t post fake statistics.

It is quite true though. No one gives two shits unless you make it yourself.


yes no one gives a shit about a gamemode based on some kawaii anime unless you make it yourself it wont go anywhere

I’ll start the wiki.

Believe it.

I never did understand Naruto. I see them with things like TVs w/ VCRs and Cameras, yet they never use guns. Also; Why would you let children fight?

Cheap Labor.

I thought they were Japanese not Chinese…

Kids don’t need another gamemode , they already have the DarkRp.

Again And Again I See People Saying That Phrase And It Pisses me Off. So What If He’s The Idea Guy, He May Be “The Guy” Who eventually Got His Idea Into A Gamemode. So Give Him A Rest Would Ya?

Give him a rest, lol
Posting two naruto videos, such hard work oh man

That’s Not What i Meant. I Agree That The Post is Lame And Mabye A Little Dumb. But Keep The Nasty and insulting Comments To Yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

If It Pisses Ya Off Then You Should Just Ignore Everything I Post. So Give Me A Rest Would Ya?


What’s up with that weird capitalization? Seriously, why do people feel the need to capitalize every single word they type out? It’s both wrong and unnecessary.

The term “ideas guy” refers to someone that just posts an idea for a project, yet doesn’t contribute anything to the project himself. An ideas guy just demands others to do all the work, because he/she lacks the proper skill to do it himself/herself.