Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

Yes… I know about the love/hate that is in Facepunch about anime and stuff, but… well, this game has good quality and graphics and the characters look more like the manga and the anime. But… is there anyone who can “help” me and make this dream come true? With the models of 2 or 3 characters I´ll be happy soul.

Preferably, those two:

Wait, his mask is orange? Darn manga, making me think everything is black and white.

I’m not the biggest fan of Naruto, but I would agree that there should be at least a few models for it around. So I support it.

…Can’t promise I won’t then use the models to have Scorpion burn Naruto afterwords, though.

I support this.

Ps3 and X360 models are hard as hell to rip off from, I doubt this will happen

But if it does then support

I support it as long as we can get Sasuke Taka and Deidara.

I was thinking of rip his spine off doing Subzero´s Classical Fatality… but that´s a cool one too.

I’ll support this. I’ve got friends who are Naruto Shippuden fans, so I can use the Naruto Models when I’m making stuff for them.

And then desecrate them in my free time, if the mood strikes me.

You know. People have ported Final Fantasy XII models so it’s not impossible.

And please don’t port the fucking Deidara, the asshole.

Fine. Tobi then? I just want Sasuke to throw off buildings, burn and the like. Deidara for head-chopping and Tobi for cliff diving. I’m sadistic with the things i like.

I’d love to get some of those models!

As a request, why not throw in some of the girl characters?

Well, I post those 2 because I love Tobi and Naruto for posting other guy. I hope that someone can take all the characters as well…

Alright, i’m going to see if i can get something done on them in 3DS Max. It’ll be a while before i can make all of them. It’ll be my model tests. Who would be the easiest to make? Probably Sakura or Sai. You know, lack of accessories.

Ether them or Hinata.

Hinata must be in the list… just saying.

Alright, i worked my ASS off. I know we were wanting Ninja Storm 2 Models - But i’m in the process of making textures for Tobi’s Mask. So far i’ve made a couple of textures.

These are as follows:

Sakura Face
Sai Face
Kakashi Mask.
Hinata face.
Hinata jacket.

And to prove i’ve been working, here’s a reference picture for your trouble. Sorry it took so long. But yeah, we’ll make do with Naruto storm 1 models until i can get Naruto -2- to stop having this weird head glitch. Everything is perfect until you touch him with the Phys gun. I might have to put some bones back in.

Edit: Finished Naruto’s head texture. Here it is - Dunno why the background went black.

look for naruto skins mods for gta sa that you will find much

You… sir, YOU!
You are made of awesomeness!

How nice. I’ll be giving them a break for a week since i don’t wanna model 24/7. Plus Blender is a bitch to work with sometimes. I’ll release them bit by bit. You know, not in packs…

Unless you want packs… Lots of Packages.

Packages? Nah, I only want Naruto and Tobi. [Hinata as well too]
If you want to do the rest, It will be a pleasant gesture of yours :smiley:

Pre-Shippuden Naruto completed. He will NEVER be released though.

Why? He’s a test. I’ll base shippuden naruto off of him. It’ll be far easier. And i can add his neck bones in.

Oh, and i’ve made the following models. I stole them from loads of websites and made my own variation.


All but Sai and Kakashi are pre-shippuden. If i get round to it i’ll fix them and release them. Shit, i’ll have a personal model for you Er. I’ll put any spin on any character you want.

Pleasant gesture? I think of it as testing.