Nascan Racing

[release]Nascan Racing[/release]

[release]Theme Followed
Twist Used
Players are tiny/huge (the size of a soda can, in fact.)[/release]

Players race a soda can around a track as fast as possible. Players can attempt to push each other off of ramps, off the track, or just generally run into each other.
W to accelerate
No key to deccelerate
Mouse to guide can[/release]

[release]Percent Completion:
Around 20% (The cans work, laps work)[/release]


In the event that I win, I don’t really need the prizes. Second place can have them.[/release]

This looks like fun.

At first I thought he spent Nascar wrong. Nice addition.

Looks rather nice, clever title.

Will this be derby like or will it be like Nascar Rumble?

awwman, i misread nascar );

I Can Map For this :smiley: If You Want.

Go ahead.
I might release some updates when I get around to it.