Nasiriyah's Aftermath

Yeah, I know that the song is not in Arab/Kurd.

I quite like it but I’m confused about if the main guy is walking or running. His upper body is pretty calm but his legs look like sort of like a jog/run.

Please don’t tell me that’s supposed to be an explosion in the background…

What makes you think there’s an explosion ?

It’s a dust.

Looks good. But I gotta ask, where did you get those blood pools from?

that’s not how dust works

They’re from znalecc’s spec ops pack

The chinstrap on the right dead guy is clipping through his face, but overall looks pretty good

Did he update the pack or something? I cant find those

It’s a skingroup of the blood splatter included in the last update

How does it work then ?

Well, maybe to make it a bit more transparent.

Man, this is really good! Listening to the music whilst looking at it makes it even better, again like others
said, the main guy… not sure if he’s walking or jogging… other than that SUPERB!